• Create a sisterhood of solidarity across boundaries to change unjust beliefs, practices and structures that perpetuate patriarchy and accentuate the exploitation of women at various levels.
  • A discipleship of equals as a gospel imperative, that will work towards solidarity and sisterhood to be a voice for Christian women at the National level.



As a dynamic movement, we are committed to the following objectives:

    1. Be an advocacy group that can speak out with one united voice against violence, for the protection of the rights and dignity of women in civil and ecclesial structures.
    2. Initiate campaigns of resistance against policies and power games that lead to the diminishment, humiliation and even death for women.
    3. Promote capacity-building for women’s social, cultural, political and ecclesial leadership and facilitate the mainstreaming of women’s knowledge and knowledge building.
    4. Partner with existing Christian women’s organizations in order to create a joint perspective on gender justice and feminist theologizing, strategies for ecological restoration and social transformation.
    5. Support justice issues of dalits, tribals and other subaltern, marginalized groups, even to the point to providing emergency services in terms of ideas, referrals, protests, solutions, finance, legal helps, shelter, etc. in times of need.
    6. Establish a bridge between women’s organizations and Church organizations as well as interfaith initiatives that address women’s concerns.